What are you settling for?

You deserve more than what you’ve been settling for and I get it.

You’re scared.

Maybe you feel like you don’t deserve more…but YOU DO.

You haven’t seen your best days yet.

You have to know and believe that more is available to you, BECAUSE IT IS.

The only reason you aren’t unreasonably happy right now…is well…because of you.

If there’s something in your life right now, it’s because at some point you made an appointment for it to be here.

Your circumstances are yours but the good thing is, you have the power to change them.

Accept your circumstances and change what you can while embracing what you can’t. Whatever you do…just stop settling.

Refuse to settle.

You deserve more than that.

If someone isn’t treating you with respect, love, and honoring your boundaries…leave.

If that job makes you ache to your core, there are other jobs out here.

There is no reason to settle, other than that’s what you want.

It’s nobodies fault your life is the way it is.

Take some accountability.

No more excuses.

Let’s be honest here…You’re living the life you expect.

If you want more you can have more. Put in the work.

But…if you continue to settle, you’ll never live the life that’s intended for you.

So…what are you going to do?

One thought on “What are you settling for?

  1. To settle is deceive oneself and your partner for one day you will realize ‘this is not it”. Instead of settling for it is an act of wanting to be like the Jones ,why don’t you become to trendsetter for you life. #my2cents


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