a letter.

Every day I feel like im growing closer

Closer to things that are vital…to me.

Closer to understanding

just closer.

I decided to surrender…And I started praying a little bit more.

I started asking for and understanding the things that I needed. 

I feel like I’ve never been able to ask for something that I NEEDED and not have a doubt that I wouldn’t get it because…

I felt like I asked the right person.

And it’s a different feeling…Not like maybe they will or maybe they won’t…Depends on how they feel today. (you know how people are. you know how you are.)

Surrender to whatever comes, comes, whatever goes goes…and i’m okay with that because this is all apart of the process of what’s in store.

Let me not stay in any relationship longer that I need to. Relationships with jobs, family members, friends…people.

Protect me.

Give me the courage.

The understanding.

Permit me wisdom.

Enfold in me so that I can pour into others.

Establish in me perpetual forgiveness…I know they don’t know what they’re doing because I don’t either. And we are all more alike than we’d ever like to admit….And I think maybe that’s what we are afraid of…so we might be in denial…

TTYL. Amen.

2 thoughts on “a letter.

  1. This “I know they don’t know what they’re doing because I don’t either”. This to me is unconditional empathy and positive regard for others and I love how’s you worded it it! Though people may hurt us we decide the long last effects. It takes a lot of work and energy to get to this point. You’re powerful my love! You help keep me accountable. I miss talking to you!

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